Through our association with Tyndale, the MPS student may gain credits toward the completion of the M.Div. and M.T.S. degrees.*

The M.Div. degree is the traditional 3-year degree for those who are pursuing full-time ministry and ministerial credentials, whereas the M.T.S. is the academic program for those desiring to begin or continue theological studies. Consequently, many pastors as well as lay people take the M.T.S. program. However, there is also a 20-course program, the MTS in Pentecostal Studies (+2), which meets all educational requirements for credentials.

* All degrees are granted by Tyndale Seminary, which is accredited by ATS.

What We Offer:

A Program

A Concentration

The 4 core Pentecostal courses as part of a Tyndale M.Div. or M.T.S.:

  • Introduction to Pentecostalism
  • Pastoral Theology: A Pentecostal Perspective
  • Pentecostal Theology
  • The Charismatic Theology of Luke-Acts

Taking the pentecostal concentration with an M.Div. meets most educational requirements for PAOC credentials.

A Choice of Electives

All of our courses may be taken as electives in any program offered at Tyndale. Visiting Pentecostal scholars from across North America teach many of our intersession and summer courses.

Which degree is for me? M.Div. or M.T.S.?

Since both may be used to gain credentials, there is a good reason to consider the M.T.S. Pent. (+2) as a credential track. The M.Div. is a 27 course program, and the M.T.S. Pent (+2) is 20. Much of the difference is that the M.Div. requires biblical languages, but the MTS does not.