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Dr. Van Johnson
Dean, Master’s Pentecostal Seminary

MPS and Partnerships:

Master’s Pentecostal Seminary (MPS) was established in 1996 to provide biblical, theological and practical training for ministry within a Pentecostal context. As a Pentecostal graduate institution, MPS models an educational approach that values both the theoretical and the practical, both the head and the heart, both revelation and reason.

Our partnership with Tyndale Seminary, which is part of Tyndale University, offers Pentecostal students the benefits of a broader evangelical environment in which to study their own tradition. In effect, those who come to Master’s Pentecostal Seminary@Tyndale University avoid the dilemma about whether to attend a pentecostal school or an evangelical one. Further, our partnership secures accreditation for all MPS courses and programs through Tyndale’s accreditation with ATS, the standard accrediting body for North American seminaries. MPS is a seminary within the largest seminary in Canada.

Students and Accessibility:

MPS serves both professional ministers and others who desire theological training. Historically, seminaries were designed to prepare for ministry those with a university or Bachelor’s degree of whatever kind, be that in science, business, social studies. [Bible Colleges, such as Master’s College, accept those with high school diplomas.] MPS offers graduate studies toward credentialed ministry with the PAOC through joint-degree programs with Tyndale.

There are many fine seminaries in North America, but only MPS is authorized by the Eastern Districts of the PAOC to supply all the graduate courses needed to apply for credentials. Both the Master of Divinity (3 years) and the Master of Theological Studies in Pentecostal Studies (2 years) are designed to meet the educational requirements for credentials with the PAOC if the appropriate Pentecostal courses are taken as part of the programs. Anyone who is interested in credentials should consult with the Dean or the Administrative Assistant to ensure the requisite courses are identified.

MPS offers continuing education that is geared for both those who sit in the pews and those who stand on church platforms. To accomplish this, we work hard to make theological education accessible. Our courses are delivered on various platforms: online, livestream, in-class. Tuition subsidies are available: for instance, our MTS in Pentecostal Studies, our signature degree, comes with three tuition scholarships. Even the programs are of varied length: in addition to the traditional 2-year and 3-year degree programs mentioned above, we have a one-year Certificate.
Finally, for those who have graduated from Master’s College, there are some privileges: 1) with a BTh, a shortened Master’s program with advanced standing credits; and 2) admissibility into a graduate program with a Diploma from Master’s College.

Location and Structure:

MPS is located in Toronto, with an office at Onechurch.to (formerly, Agincourt Pentecostal Church, the traditional church home of the seminary) and another on the campus of Tyndale Seminary. The location of MPS in a church is strategic, positioning it to promote the success of the church from within rather than as a critic of the church from without.

Our classes take place on the campus of Tyndale University in Toronto Toronto On.

MPS is the graduate division of Master’s College and Seminary (MCS), which has its headquarters in Peterborough, Ontario. MCS is a theological training institution of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, which represents PAOC Districts in Eastern Canada: Maritimes, Quebec, Eastern Ontario and Western Ontario.

Come in to learn more about us, view our program descriptions, and please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Van Johnson
Dean, Master’s Pentecostal Seminary

Master’s Pentecostal Seminary is the graduate division of Master’s College & Seminary. MPS is affiliated with the Maritime District, District of Quebec, Eastern Ontario and Western Ontario Districts of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

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Master’s Pentecostal Seminary is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
and is the graduate division of Master’s College & Seminary.

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