Master’s Pentecostal Seminary (MPS) offers a Graduate Diploma in Pentecostal Studies, as well as a Masters of Theological Studies and Master of Divinity programs. The M.Div. degree is the traditional 3-year degree for those who are pursuing full-time ministry and ministerial credentials, whereas the M.T.S. is the academic program for those desiring to begin or continue theological studies. Consequently, many pastors as well as lay people take the M.T.S. program which meets all educational requirements for credentials.*


Master’s Pentecostal Seminary offers our degree and diploma programs conjointly with Tyndale University. All degrees are granted by Tyndale University, which is accredited by ATS. Students will also receive a certificate from Master’s Seminary.

What We Offer

MTS in Pentecostal Studies

Our signature degree program, is made up of 18 courses with 5 core courses in Pentecostalism, and a concentration in one other area: e.g., youth and family ministry, leadership, biblical studies. 

Graduate Diploma in Pentecostal Studies

– NEW – 9 courses, ideal for the one who is not looking for vocational ministry, but desires training in theology and bible within the Pentecostal tradition. This courses can be counted towards the Recognition of Ministry credential with the PAOC.

M.Div. with a minor/concentration in Pentecostalism

A 3-year, 27 course program, the Master of Divinity is a traditional ministry preparation degree, which includes both theoretical and practical training as well as study in one Biblical language, Hebrew or Greek.

A Choice of Electives

All of our courses may be taken as electives in any program offered at Tyndale. Visiting Pentecostal scholars from across North America teach many of our intersession and summer courses.

Which degree is for me? M.Div. or M.T.S.?

Since both may be used to gain credentials, there is a good reason to consider the M.T.S. Pent. (+2) as a credential track. The M.Div. is a 27 course program, and the M.T.S. Pent (+2) is 20. Much of the difference is that the M.Div. requires biblical languages, but the MTS does not.


* Courses should be selected with the program director to ensure they meet credential requirements.
   Please note, once you are accepted into any of our joint programs all your courses are selected through the Tyndale University registration system.

Master’s Pentecostal Seminary is the graduate division of Master’s College & Seminary. MPS is affiliated with the Maritime District, District of Quebec, Eastern Ontario and Western Ontario Districts of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

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Master’s Pentecostal Seminary is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
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