M.T.S. in Pentecostal Studies

M.T.S. in Pentecostal Studies

Master of Theological Studies in Pentecostal Studies – Offered cojointly with Tyndale Seminary

This two-year degree program , which will be offered in conjunction with Tyndale, is unique in North America. One full year of study will be devoted to an intensive examination of the history and theology of pentecostalism. The other year of study, which will be offered by Tyndale, will encompass both foundational and broader themes from an evangelical perspective. (Students who are already enrolled in graduate work at MPS/Tyndale will be able to transfer existing credits into this program).

The MTS in Pentecostal Studies is one of the creative results of the partnership begun between Master’s Pentecostal Seminary and Tyndale Seminary in 1996. The reasons for the launch of the MTS in Pentecostal Studies are several: 1) pentecostalism, which has emerged as a dominant influence within global Christianity, deserves study in its own right; 2) there is a growing demand among pentecostal pastors who have prepared for ministry at the undergraduate level for graduate studies; and 3) the present cooperative relationship between Master’s and Tyndale offers an unusual opportunity. Since Pentecostalism is part of the evangelical tradition, one cannot understand it without analyzing it against the background of the evangelical world. Consequently, the 18 courses in the degree program are divided evenly between Master’s Pentecostal and Tyndale.

This program is open to all graduate students. A primary market for this degree will be the pentecostal pastor who desires intensive study of the pentecostal tradition. This degree program will also be of interest to the lay person who desires to study the pentecostal world.

As well, with an addition of 2 courses, this program prepares the student for ministry in the PAOC.

Mission Statement: To equip and motivate individuals (through the promotion of cognitive, behavioural and spiritual development) to cooperate with the Spirit’s work in bringing about God’s will: that all might know Christ and be transformed into the image of the Coming King.

Competencies For MTS in Pentecostal Studies:

In order to achieve the above-stated goal, the Pentecostal Studies major will assist the student to attain:

Cognitive Proficiency in:

  • Understanding the historical and theological roots of pentecostalism.
  • Understanding the historical and theological development of Canadian pentecostalism.
  • Understanding the commonalities between and complexities of the various facets of pentecostalism worldwide.
  • Understanding the lines of continuity and discontinuity between pentecostalism and the evangelical and broader Christian traditions.
  • Understanding the issues surrounding the formation of a pentecostal identity that is true to its holiness roots and also effective in interacting with the surrounding culture.
    Understanding the nature of post-modern culture and how pentecostals might interact with it.
  • Understanding that pentecostal leadership is compatible with a team approach to hearing and implementing God’s will.
  • Understanding appropriate exegetical practices and a hermeneutical approach to the Scriptures that is consistent with a pentecostal heritage.

Ministry Skills in:

  1. Articulating with clarity, accuracy and cultural sensitivity the gospel of Jesus Christ, which includes those aspects deemed essential to a full gospel presentation.
  2. Analyzing one’s local context toward formulating a ministry strategy that is appropriate both biblically and culturally.
  3. Implementing a philosophy of ministry that has been shaped by biblical, theological, and contextual considerations.
  4. Leading effectively and developing the leadership of others.
  5. Working collegially with others both inside and outside of the pentecostal context so as to maximize one’s influence for the kingdom of God.
  6. Advancing the fulfilment of the Great Commission locally and globally.
  7. Performing ministry skills creatively through the life of the Spirit.

Personal Formation (Character, Attitudes and Spiritual Formation) through:

  1. A growing awareness of the work of the Spirit, both in sanctification and proclamation.
  2. A renewed commitment to the pentecostal emphasis on empowered witness.
  3. An appreciation for the work of the Spirit outside of pentecostal contexts, which will lead to cooperation with other believers in advancing the kingdom of God until he comes.
  4. A conviction that life and ministry must be carried out passionately and prayerfully in light of the imminent return of Christ.
  5. An awareness of the pentecostal emphasis that the work of the Spirit is not primarily for the believer’s recreation, but for proclamation.
  6. A deepened sense of God’s grace and one’s dependence on the work of the Spirit

We offer 3 options:

1. MTS in Pentecostal Studies – 18 courses
    Bible, Theology and History Courses (7 courses):

  • Biblical Interpretation: Interpreting and Applying the Biblical Text [BIBL 0501]
  • Old Testament Theology and History [OLDT 0511]
  • New Testament Theology and History [NEWT 0522]
  • Systematic Theology I [THEO 0531]
  • Systematic Theology II [THEO 0532]
  • History of Christianity I [HIST 0561]
  • History of Christianity II [HIST 0562]

Ministry Formation (2 courses):

  • Leadership Development [LEAD 0510]
  • Gospel, Church, and Culture [MISS 0782]

Pentecostal Studies (5 courses):

  • Pentecostal Issues [PENT 0701]
  • Pentecostal Spirituality [PENT 0504]
  • Introduction to Pentecostalism[PENT 0501]
  • Pentecostal Theology [PENT 0505]
  • The Charistmatic Theology of Luke-Acts [PENT 0503]

General Electives (4):

  • Students pursuing ordination ministry in the PAOC should select their electives in close consultation with the program director to ensure credentialing requirements are met.

2. MTS in Pentecostal Studies, thesis option – 18 courses

  • Thesis option, PENT 0999, may be taken in place of the two electives.

3. MTS in Pentecostal Studies + 2, Credential Track – 20 courses
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18 courses listed above plus 2 additional courses, meet all educational requirements for PAOC licensed minister credential.