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The Promise

Master’s Pentecostal Seminary is pleased to make available for download the four extant editions of The Promise newsletter. This is the official publication of the East End Mission (often called the Hebden Mission), 651 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON. The Mission was directed by Mrs. Ellen K. Hebden, an independent evangelist who had emigrated from England to Canada. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of any remaining Promise newsletters not listed here, please contact the Seminary.

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EditionFile TypeSize 
The Promise - May 1907PDF419 kbDownload
The Promise - June 1907PDF524 kbDownload
The Promise - February 1909PDF827 kbDownload
The Promise - March 1910PDF1.1 MBDownload
The Promise - October 1909 (Incomplete)PDF458 kbDownload

Discussion Papers

Here are the discussion papers from the spring consultation tour of the Theological Study Commission. They are not position papers; their intent is to provoke thought and discussion.

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Baptized with the Holy SpiritDr. Roger StronstadDownload
Defining Pentecostal Identity - Defining EschatologyDr. Van JohnsonDownload
Defining Pentecostal Identity: Differences between Charismatics and Classical PentecostalsWilliam SloosDownload
Defining Pentecostal Identity – A Pastoral PerspectivePeter Cusick & Brandon MaloDownload
Defining Pentecostal Identity – SpiritualSurvey OverviewDownload
The Ideal Pentecostal ChurchDr. Jim LucasDownload
There is No Spoon J. MartiniDownload