M.T.S. in Pentecostal Studies (with minor)

M.T.S. in Pentecostal Studies (with minor)

We have opened up the M.T.S. in Pentecostal Studies to allow for concentrations in the following fields of study:

  • Pastoral Ministry – equips you for church leadership in ordained or lay ministry settings.
  • Counselling – designed to prepare you for counselling in church ministry settings.
  • Spiritual Formation – will facilitate the deepening of your love for God and others as well as teach you the practice of Spiritual Direction.
  • Global Mission & Intercultural Studies – designed to prepare you as a missional leader to engage in cross-cultural ministry, locally and globally.
  • Youth & Family Ministry – prepares you for working in youth ministries by learning youth culture, youth development, and spiritual ministry.
  • Christian Education & Formation – trains you to train others and disciple the church in today’s world.
  • Biblical Studies – provides you a broad understanding in Scriptures for a variety of ministry contexts.
  • Theological Studies – enables you to understand missional, historical, moral, and doctrinal theology.

Stay tuned – more info coming soon!