Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have advanced standing as Bible College graduate?

There are some advantages for Bible College grads who apply to Master's Pentecostal Seminary @ Tyndale.

1. Up to three courses can be subtracted from a Master's degree (some conditions apply) based upon coursework done at Bible College. For example, through advanced standing, an MTS in Pentecostal Studies can be shortened from 18 to 15 courses.

2. Those who graduated before 1985 with a diploma from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College may apply for graduate work as if they have a four year degree. For these students, there is no need to finish up a fourth year of a Bachelor's program before applying to Masters@Tyndale.

What is an occasional student?

Students are considered occasional students if they have not been formally accepted into a diploma or degree program. Acceptance as an occasional student does not guarantee acceptance into a program at Master's Pentecostal Seminary. Normally, occasional students may complete up to three courses. Students must complete the regular application process and be formally admitted into a program prior to beginning the fourth course. Once accepted into a program, the courses they have completed may be used to fulfill the requirements of that program, provided they fit into the program outline.

Is there financial aid available?

Check out Financial Aid for details on scholarships. Students may also qualify to receive government-issued student loans. Check with your provincial Student Loans Office or the Financial Aid Office at Tyndale for additional information.

Who may attend your school?

Admission is open to those who have completed a university or Bible College degree. Mature students (over 35 years of age, preferably with ministerial experience) who have not done undergraduate work may also apply. To apply for admission into a graduate program, please go to www.mcs.edu and follow the seminary admission links.

Note: Those who graduated from a Pentecostal Bible College with a diploma before 1985 may apply for admission into graduate work with Master's/Tyndale without having to complete a Bachelor's degree.

Do I have to be a pastor to attend seminary?

Many of our students are lay people who desire to learn more about effective Christian living and service. Our signature program, the MTS in Pentecostal Studies, does not require a previous religious studies degree.

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What is the fee per course?

Credit course: $1197
Audit: $400 (Students who take courses for audit may attend all classes, but they are not required to complete or submit assignments.)

How might your courses fit into a Tyndale degree?

They may be used as electives in any graduate degree program. Although our institutional partner is Tyndale, our courses may be transferred into other seminary or graduate schools.

For those preparing for ministry, there is a concentration or minor of four (4) pentecostal courses that are required by PAOC as part of the M.Div. degree, or one may enroll in the MTS in Pentecostal Studies + 2 for credentials.

Master's courses make up half of the curriculum of our signature program: the MTS (Master of Theological Studies) in Pentecostal Studies. This two-year degree program, which is offered in conjunction with Tyndale, is unique in North America—nine courses in Pentecostalism and another nine in biblical and theological studies from an evangelical perspective.

I cannot attend school every day. How could I take courses?

Most of our students do their studies on a part-time basis. Also, to accommodate the schedules of today's seminary student, classes are offered in a variety of formats: day & evening classes, and one-week intensives in early January and in spring/summer session. Occasionally, one-week courses are offered outside of the Toronto area and new online courses are being added each year.

Are your courses accredited?

Would I be able to transfer credits from Master's to another seminary? We offer graduate courses that are accredited through our affiliation with Tyndale Seminary. Since they are accredited by ATS, our courses are as well. This means that Master's credits are portable: they may be used toward the completion of Tyndale degrees, or transported to other graduate institutions where seminary credits are accepted.

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Why is a pentecostal school in partnership with another seminary?

Through our current partnership with Tyndale Seminary, the student may take advantage of a broad range of courses offered from an evangelical perspective. Tyndale is a transdenominational institution; their faculty reflects the diversity of the evangelical world. Our partnership agreement gives the student exposure to the best training from both a broad evangelical and a pentecostal understanding.