How might your courses fit into a Tyndale degree?

How might your courses fit into a Tyndale degree?

They may be used as electives in any graduate degree program. Although our institutional partner is Tyndale, our courses may be transferred into other seminary or graduate schools.

For those preparing for ministry, there is a concentration or minor of four (4) pentecostal courses that are required by PAOC as part of the M.Div. degree, or one may enroll in the MTS in Pentecostal Studies + 2 for credentials.

Master’s courses make up half of the curriculum of our signature program: the MTS (Master of Theological Studies) in Pentecostal Studies. This two-year degree program, which is offered in conjunction with Tyndale, is unique in North America—nine courses in Pentecostalism and another nine in biblical and theological studies from an evangelical perspective.

Samantha Jagan is the Administrative Assistant to the Dean at Master's Pentecostal Seminary.