Pentecostal Graduate Training:

Master’s Seminary is the only institution in Eastern Canada offering accredited graduate courses from a pentecostal perspective.

Our philosophy is that both the mind and spirit must be disciplined and trained for ministry. At Master’s, you do not have to choose between intellectual and spiritual emphases. The Seminary of Master’s College is the graduate educational arm of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada in Eastern Canada.

Church-based: Master’s Seminary remains committed to the philosophy that graduate education for pentecostals is about building the church. Consequently, MPS is a church-based institution. That is, we are located in Agincourt Pentecostal Church (in the east end of Toronto), and the Dean of MPS is on the pastoral staff there. Adjunct faculty are appointed based on their pastoral/practical experience as well as their academic credentials.

Portability: We offer graduate courses that are accredited through our affiliation with Tyndale Seminary. This means that our courses are portable: they may be used toward the completion of Tyndale degrees, or transported to other graduate institutions. The investment of your time and energy is protected, since your credit with Master’s will be recognized by other seminaries.

Accessibility: To accommodate the schedules of today’s seminary student, classes are offered in a variety of formats: day and evening classes; plus one-week intensives offered in each season of the year. We will continue to offer one-week courses outside of the Toronto area in accordance with student demand, and internet courses are also available.

Diversity: Through our current partnership with Tyndale Seminary, the student may take advantage of a broad range of courses offered from an evangelical perspective. Tyndale is a transdenominational institution; the faculty reflects the diversity of the evangelical world. Our partnership agreement gives the student exposure to the best training from both an evangelical and a pentecostal understanding.