Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements

Master’s Pentecostal Seminary was launched in 1996 with a partnership agreement with Tyndale Seminary (Toronto). This partnership has allowed us to begin offering graduate courses that are accredited through Tyndale, which is accredited with ATS. As a result, many of our procedures and policies regarding admissions, registration, and academic affairs are the same as those of Tyndale. For more information on details not listed here, please consult the Tyndale Academic Catalogue.

Conditions of Admission:

Admission is open to those who

  1. have completed a baccalaureate degree at a university or Bible College and
  2. are evangelical Christians by belief and practice. Although anyone, regardless of personal belief, may take courses, admission into degree programs is reserved for those who are living in agreement with evangelical tradition and practice.


  1. graduate from a university with a minimum C+ average
  2. graduate from EPBC/MCS or other accredited (AABC) Bible College, with a minimum of 2.5 GPA
  3. graduates from unaccredited Bible Colleges may apply for the limited number of spaces available for such students (certain conditions apply)
  4. For those who do not meet the above criteria, there is a Special Admissions category * Space is limited at MPS/Tyndale for this category; applications should be filed as early as possible; this category is for the mature student (over 35 years of age, preferably with ministerial experience) who has not completed an undergraduate degree.

Please note: For those who graduated before 1985 with a diploma from EPBC, you may apply to MPS or Tyndale for entry directly into a MPS degree program.

Advanced Standing

There are some advantages for Bible College grads who apply to Master’s Pentecostal Seminary @ Tyndale.
  1. Up to three courses can be subtracted from a Master’s degree (some conditions apply, include link here) based upon coursework done at Bible College. For example, through advanced standing, an MTS in Pentecostal Studies can be shortened from 18 to 15 courses.
  2. Those who graduated before 1985 with a diploma from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College may apply for graduate work as if they have a four year degree. For these students, there is no need to finish up a fourth year of a Bachelor’s program before applying to Masters@Tyndale.